Amazing Salt Lamp Runs 8 Hours on 1 Glass of Saltwater and Charges Your Cellphone

Amazing Salt Lamp Runs 8 Hours on 1 Glass of Saltwater and Charges Your Cellphone

You'll want to see this "Amazing Salt Lamp Runs 8 Hours on 1 Glass of Saltwater and Charges Your Cellphone," what a great idea! The future possibilities of such a light are amazing!

Every once in a while you come across a product that you know will come in handy one day. This amazing salt lamp that runs eight hours on one glass of saltwater and charges your cellphone, is just that thing. This amazing simple lamp runs on saltwater! The Salt Lamp is produced by a company in the Philippines and can run for eight hours on just one glass of water and two tablespoons of salt. Thats it, no complicated technology or harsh toxic chemicals, just water and salt. According to the companys website it can also run on seawater. The future possibilities of this incredible saltwater lamp may mean that if the technology is scalable, entire countries in coastal regions could power their cities with energy provides by the oceans one day, amazing. The Salt Lamp can also charge your cellphone with a simple USB charging cord. Salt stands for sustainable alternative lighting.

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