Amazing Moving Horse Sculpture

Amazing Moving Horse Sculpture

When it comes to fun wood projects, this Amazing Moving Horse Sculpture takes the cake. This fine equestrian sculpture takes the art of woodcrafting to a whole new level. Usually when you think of wooden sculptures, you think of a solid piece of wood carved into a shape or a figure. Usually the sculpture is carved into the larger piece of wood using chiselling tools and special wood cutting knives that are able to cut the wood like butter. This sculpture found on the Viral Hogs Facebook page is a little bit different. Instead of being carved out of a solid piece of wood, the sculpture is carved out of many smaller pieces of wood the size of golf tees. It seems as though the artist carved many small pieces of wood which made up the bones of the horse and then connected them all to make them move together as one through a series of gears. In the video on the Viral Hogs Fabcebook page, you can see that the artist is able to manipulate the horse's movements to make it look like it is galloping simply by turning a small crank at the bottom of the horse sculpture. The small gears rotate and you can see how they connect to different pieces of the horse's body to put it in motion. The sculpture truly emanates what it looks like when wild horses gallop through the fields with their hair blowing in the wind. It even makes a galloping sound like wild horses do when they are running freely.

This moving horse sculpture might just be one of the most fun wood projects you have ever seen. It also has an element of steampunk to it as the description on Facebook says. Steampunk is a tribute to how things were made in the beginning of the industrial revolution, with all of the gears and moving parts, and pays homage to the steam powered contraptions of the past, steam engines and such. People have modernized the industrial beauty of these working parts by making a whole culture around what we now know as Steampunk, mixing Victorian like fashion with modern day punk fashion for an edgy look. The fashion consists of corsets and black and white dresses with Fascinators and Victorian style shoes for the women, and old fashioned trousers with suspenders and top hats for the men. The Steampunk style also incorporates accessories that include metal gears and mechanical parts of old machines, and Steampunk style art like this equestrian wood sculpture includes the old fashioned mechanics of the steam engine to make it work.

A beautiful equestrian sculpture like this is one of those fun wood projects that would be awesome to give to someone who loved horses or animals as a present. Especially if they have an appreciation for how old engines and contraptions used to work in the past. Its not just something that is pretty to look at, it is also a great way to learn about moving parts and even the anatomy of how a horse moves. If you are interested in woodworking as a hobby of your own maybe you would like to try and make a horse sculpture like this one for your own pleasure. Wood working is a beautiful art that has been passed down from generation to generation, and it is a fine skill to have. When you can work with wood, you can learn how to make a number of things on your own like furniture, utensils, dishes, jewelry, art and sculptures like this and even learn how to build an entire structure out of wood. Check out this awesome moving horse sculpture on Facebook.*

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