Amazing Alpine Log Home! Read our Review of this Amazing Log Cabin

Amazing Alpine Log Home! Read our Review of this Amazing Log Cabin

Check out the Alpine Log Home from Southwest Log Home, Inc, plus, it has a two-year warranty on the entire structure. Southwest Log Home, Inc. is a family owned and operated log home building company based in Texas. Their logs are purchased from sustainable plantations in Colorado, New Mexico, British Columbia, Montana and Washington State and range from being cedar, pine, spruce, fir, and larch wood. A cool thing they also do is buy reclaimed logs that are in good condition when they can find them. They don't have a catalogue of log house plans and models like many log home building companies have. All of their log houses are built completely custom. The owner of Southwest Log Home Inc is also the architect for the company and so he sees all of the log home building projects through right from start to finish. So if you want a completely original log house, this is the company to go give you just that. They build all of the houses from the ground up, with all high quality materials. As you can tell from the photos of the Alpine log house on their website gallery, they pay keen attention to detail, working in some really beautiful features.

The interior of the Alpine log house is absolutely stunning, with exposed post and beam construction, showing the natural beauty of the logs, with all of the knots and grain. This interior feature drywalled walls which gives the home a nice, modern look, and is great for brightening up the space with the white walls. The stone fireplace is the feature of the living room, hand crafted with fine masonry work, with a log crafted mantle. The staircase is also quite beautifully crafted and looks very natural. A bathroom on the upper level features a nice, Jacuzzi tub encased by natural looking stone tile. Plus, the view is incredible. The prices of the log homes created by Southwest Log Homes depends on the individual home and the client's specific needs. They have build houses as small as 400 square feet and as large as 30,000 square feet. Can you imagine a 30,000 square foot house? It may even be a chalet or hotel. Their projects range in price, so that's why they don't feature the price lists on their website.

If a customer would like an estimate for a log house constructed by Southwest Log Homes, they simply have to share their budget with the company, and then someone will sit down and go over sketches of their ideal log house. When you are considering log house construction, it's very important that first of all, you have your land to build on. Decide how much you are able to spend, and decipher how many rooms you need, bedrooms and bathrooms, offices and living rooms or recreational rooms. Draw up a conceptual sketch with your ideas for your log house and what you would like to see happen in the log house construction process, think of details as well, like what would you like your countertops to be made out of? Where do you want the living room and the kitchen? Do you want the bedrooms upstairs or down stairs? Also, thinking of the foundation, do you want a cement basement foundation or just a slab foundation? Consider your options, and also keep in mind the land you are building on, and where on the land will be the perfect place to build a house. Have a peek at the beautiful photos of details of the Alpine log house from Southwest Log Home Inc and other log houses they have build over the years for some great inspiration.***

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