Alternative Living: Cargo Container Guest House

Alternative Living: Cargo Container Guest House

Check out this great article from The Alternative Consumer titled "Alternative Living: Cargo Container Guest House". It details a creative and innovative upcycling project to build a gorgeous guest house starting with a recycled shipping container. Who would have guessed that a big ugly steel box could ever be transformed into this beautifully designed, bright and welcoming home?

Freight containers are massive steel boxes used for shipping everything and anything from all corners of the globe. They are designed according to international standards so that they can be transported by ship, truck or rail without having to unload and reload the contents of the container. There has been an increasing trend in recent years toward finding alternative uses for cargo containers once they have reached the end of their useful life in the shipping industry. Transformed into everything from homes and cafes to disaster shelters and plant nurseries, old shipping containers never need to go to waste.

The Alternative Consumer is an informative website for anyone interested in learning how to reduce the environmental, health and social impacts of our spending choices. Many of the items available on the global market today have hidden costs such as the depletion of rare earth minerals, toxic health effects or the damaging social impacts of exploitation of workers around the world. It is impossible to know when we pick up an object from a store shelf what has gone into the creation of this product. Where did all the materials come from? How were the workers treated who created the product? Were they paid fairly? How will you dispose of the product when it is no longer useful to you? These are a few questions to consider before making a purchase. Sites like The Alternative Consumer provide valuable information and sustainable product reviews to help us make responsible spending decisions.

To see pictures and read more about the amazing transformation of this little guest house, visit the website link below to Alternative Consumer website.

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