All The Must See Rustic Interior Charm You Could Dream For

All The Must See Rustic Interior Charm You Could Dream For

If you like log cabins, you'll want to see "A Post And Beam Cabin In The B.C. Woods" near Horsefly Lake in central British Columbia. Cozy and warm inside, it's the perfect tiny cabin to enjoy when you need some time away, or to use as a guest cabin.

When couple Sam who is a log home builder and Monika who has an eye for choosing finishes, built this tiny cabin it all came together beautifully. This tiny cabin has a classic small cabin floor plan with an open living area, a cozy loft sleeping space accessed by ladder, and a porch running along the front. The log cabin structure is post and beam, using logs instead of squared off timbers. Sizable logs support the roof structure, the loft floor, and the porch. The walls between the log corner posts are of standard 2 by 6 stick construction. The exterior of the tiny cabin displays an appealing combination of naturally finished logs and board siding painted barn red. There is a cedar board and batten treatment up in the gables with live-edge cedar boards installed below. The tiny cabin kitchen has hand built storage and maple countertops. Inside this tiny post and beam cabin you will also find a round wood top added to an old wringer washing machine, that gets new life as a kitchen island. Inside the cabin is electric heat, but no running water. The bathroom is in an overbuilt post and beam outhouse that matches the cute cabin.

On this small house site you will find small houses of all kinds, shapes and sizes, from pod houses to cob cottages, rustic log cabins to modern prefab homes. Small House Bliss features small vacation houses, Arts and Crafts bungalows, shotgun houses, accessory dwelling units, converted shipping container homes, beach shacks and more. Small homes have the ability to shelter us while consuming fewer resources and demanding less of our time for maintenance and cleaning. Tiny houses are both space and energy efficient. On this small living site you will find small house designs with big impact. You will find all sorts of tiny house designs, ideas and inspirations. You will be amazed at some of the tiny house designs you will find on this site, some of which include tiny sod roofed house in Demark, timber frame house plan for sale, woodsy cottage plan for sale, Susan's tiny backyard cottage with a loft and stairs, a storybook cob cottage, The Tardis a tiny tower house and so much more.

Making the choice to live in a tiny house as opposed to a larger more traditionally sized house, can offer many benefits. Some of the benefits of living in a smaller house are owners are usually able to purchase their tiny house outright, rather than carry a large mortgage, which is typically what people with larger homes have to do. Owning a tiny house will further reduce your power bills, taxes, maintenance costs and repair costs. Other benefits of living in a smaller home can include by having a smaller space, people in turn own less stuff, and because they have a smaller space they are forced to be more thoughtful when it comes to decisions about buying more stuff, as there just isn't the room to have unnecessary items around the house. Living small most often makes people rethink what matters most to them, such as what hobbies and passions they want to do more of, and to be able to afford more travel and time spent with family and friends.

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