Affordable Tiny Home on 5 Acres

Affordable Tiny Home on 5 Acres

Setting up a homestead could be easier than you think! Check out this Affordable Tiny Home on 5 Acres that is up for sale on Tiny House Listings. This listing proves that there absolutely is affordable land out there to purchase, and this one even has a tiny home on it! Finding a home these days for this low price is almost unheard of in cities, and wouldn't it be awesome to have the land with it too? You could really set up a homestead with a huge vegetable garden, greenhouses, chickens, maybe even goats. With the 5 acres, you could really do quite a lot actually.

The tiny home on the 5 acres of land is basically a one room house, very very basic, but would be an awesome place to start out on an off grid or tiny house journey. The 260 square foot home has electric, a little kitchen area with a sink and countertops and cabinets. There is enough room for a double bed and a single fold out cot, as well as a table and chairs to eat at. You could really spruce up the inside if you wanted to, make it all your own.

There is even a cute swing set on the property and a bonfire pit! That would make it a fun place to be in the summer, and with hiking trails all around there would be plenty to do. The bathroom is an outhouse, but you could always build onto the tiny house and add a bathroom. A shed is not too far from the main house, and would be a great place for storage. For the low price of $32,000 it would be a great buy with so much potential! If you are interested in purchasing this land in the Fairview, Michigan area, of just want some inspiration, head over to 'Tiny House Listings' for more by clicking the link in the description below!

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