Adirondack Log Cabin from $72,000 View Floor Plans Here

Adirondack Log Cabin from $72,000 View Floor Plans Here

When you see this "Adirondack Log Cabin from $72,000 View Floor Plans Here" you can't help but wish it was yours to spend holidays and relaxing vacations. This log cabin is the type of log cabin that people dream about, it has a lot of charm and is the perfect size to enjoy some quality time away. The beautiful green peaked roof, matching green door and green shutters fit in nicely to the forested surroundings.

If you choose an Adirondack log cabin like this, some of the benefits you can enjoy from this type of design include a lofted area that is great for sleeping, or can be used for extra storage. This style of log cabin has a 12 pitch roof that offers lots of rooms allowing for the loft space. Typically the loft space of this log cabin is over the porch area of the house, but can also be made over other portions or the whole first floor of the log cabin.

Some of the standard features that are available in the Adirondack log cabin can include one wood entrance door, stained log siding, or an insulated six-panel steel door that has a standard house lock set. Insulated single sliding windows that are vertically hung and have poly baton shutters, six foot porch with a log railing, and 12 inch pitch scissor truss. Other options that available in your custom made Adirondack log cabin include electric, bathroom package, finished interior, fully insulated, a kitchenette and lots more.

This lovely Adirondack log cabin design is great for people that want a nice sleeping loft space for the kids, or when guest come over to stay. The log cabin also works great if you are in need of some extra storage space, which the loft can also used. This log cabin also works well for locations that get a lot of heavy snow loads due to the steep roof pitch; the snow will just slide off.

You might wonder what you could use a nice log cabin like this. But just consider for a moment how you feel when you take some time off of work, or your routine, just how refreshed, full of energy and recharged you feel. When you get back, you get more accomplished, and you feel on top of your game again. We all need to get away once in a while and relax both our bodies and our minds. Zook log cabins is a company that specializes in building log cabins that can help make special memories happen, helping you to create a vacation log cabin or holiday log cabin that you can enjoy and love for years to come.

Zook log cabins make their fully assembled prefabricated log cabins at their location in Lancaster County, built by their Amish carpenters that are well known for the quality workmanship they do, and the attention to detail they maintain. Through the years, Zook log cabins have built up a good reputation for their amazing work ethic. This is a company that is obsessed with log cabins, and the work that goes into building a log cabin from start to finish. You will see that every detail in these log cabins is important, and they never take shortcuts. They take deep pride in every log cabin that they build.

Each log cabin is personally inspected by the owner of the company when they are finished, to ensure that the quality lives up to their expectations. So you know when you get one of these prebuilt log cabins you are going to get a structure that will stand the test of time, a log cabins that you can enjoy with your family and friends for years to come.

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