Abaton Studio Balances Price, Quality, and Design With Their Prefab Home

Abaton Studio Balances Price, Quality, and Design With Their Prefab Home

In recent years prefab homes have come a long way, I have to admit, it wasn't that many years ago that the words prefab home held little appeal to me, fast forward to the present, and I'am really amazed at far these homes have come. This "Baton Studio Balances Price, Quality, and Design With Their Prefab Home," the design is modern, clean and simple, but nothing short of amazing.

Madrid's Abaton Studio is known for designing a lot of nice looking houses in uniquely modern Spanish styles, and now they are doing portable designs, just put them on a truck and move them to the location of your dream, that's it, easy transport. This 10 x 30 square foot house has a large central giving room, smaller kitchen off to the side, bathroom and bedroom areas on each end. The walls inside are wood with big sliding glass doors in the living room. The exterior is covered in a durable finer cement siding, its understated and really quite modern.

This website talks about all sorts of tiny homes to include; container homes, tiny house plans, floor plans, roof deck, places to get shipping containers, do it yourself tiny house plans; prefab houses, prefab cabins, home design plans. Prefabricated homes take a lot of the guess work out of your home design plans, and lets you know beforehand, exactly what your getting, what your home will look like, and what costs you are looking at. With so many modern designs available, prefab homes have never been better. The nice thing is many of these homes can be trucked right into your piece of property, no worries about building your home is ready to go and enjoy, almost immediately.

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