A Versatile And Practical Tiny Home That Can Be Built In A Short Time

A Versatile And Practical Tiny Home That Can Be Built In A Short Time

Never before have there been so many small home and tiny home styles and designs to choose from. All over the world people are getting excited at the popular movement, and designers are coming up with more designs than ever. This "MiniHouse Grows Up into a Real Home," is a perfect example at how far small home designs have come. Tiny houses are the perfect solution to getting a guest house, artist studio, small home dwelling or whatever it is you want to use it for, in a fast and efficient package.

This mini house was a collaboration between architect and designer Jonas Wagell and the Swedish house producer Sommarnojen. The house could be used as either a guest house or a cabin. Now the company has developed Minihouse 2.0, which could used as a family home. The best part about these designs is they can be built quickly once they are delivered to the building site. The basic mini house is 161 square feet, with the new version being longer in length, going to a 295 square foot house. The new version also has a lot of extras and add ons to choose from.

The mini house is built using recyclable and prefab materials. Future owners can design the interior layout, according to their own wishes and needs. Wooden flooring and wooden paneled interior walls, which is typical of Swedish design comes with the home, along with electrical wiring and insulation which is included in the base price. The mini house also comes with a spacious covered deck for outdoor living. The house needs a simple plinth foundation to be erected, however for plumbing and bathroom, a sewage system would have to be in place before construction begins. The basic model of this mini house is priced at $29,550 USD, with a kitchen added the price is $41,860 USD. There are plenty of photos on the site to get a good idea what the mini house looks like.

To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to the "Jetson Green" website.

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