A Uniquely Designed Home That Gives New Meaning to the Term "Post and Beam" (Click for Floor Plan)

A Uniquely Designed Home That Gives New Meaning to the Term "Post and Beam" (Click for Floor Plan)

The Bennett View lake home is a beautiful post and beam lake house with just 1,780 square feet. The barn style home is a good size for family living with three bedrooms, and two full sized bathrooms. This barn style floor plan features an open dining room/living room/kitchen with lots of windows and a cathedral ceiling that lets in light and open views on the first floor. There is also a bedroom on the first floor. Upstairs there is a loft area that also shares scenic views, along with an additional bedroom, bunk room, office, bathroom and loft that opens up to the space below.

This is just one of the barn style, post and beam homes you will find on the American Post and Beam site. This small company gives good attention to detail, and their designers are passionate about what they do. They know all to well about the proper placement of windows, and how every piece of land that is built on is unique. They want to see your barn style or post and beam home have the best views found on the property, whether it be views of the mountains, woods, ocean or meadow. To they always keep this in mind with the placement of the windows.

The team at American Post and Beam know that the heart of any barn styled home or post and beam home is how well the home is designed. All of their design staff recognizes this fact and fully embraces the idea that a barn styled home or farmhouse should be a true reflection of the family that lives there, their lifestyle and their needs. That is why every barn style home, post and beam barn home design they create, build, ship and help construct, is a custom design. Your barn home design may start with a home youve seen on their website but will likely be modified to meet your lifestyle and needs. Or your barn style home design may be completely custom. You will want to take a look at their site and see the wide variety of barn, farmhouse, guest/pool house, and home additions they have done. You will be inspired to help with the designing of your barn styled home.

If designing and building a post and beam home/barn home of your own is something you are considering it can be a fun and exciting process. It's good to know the steps of where to start and just how to proceed, as the whole process can at times be overwhelming. That is why the American Post and Beams Project Managers are there to help guide you through every step. It is their hope that they will better help you understand the process of designing and building your own custom post and beam or barn home.

The first step when designing and building a barn home or post and beam home is to create your wish list and set your home goals. You can work alongside your home designer to discuss things like land, where your barn home will sit, budget, size of the barn home, and to look at floor plans and photos. Your designer will also discuss things like quality, budget and design decisions, along with barn home construction and how all those relate to your construction. At hthis point your designer will probably sketch out a simple layout that will meet your barn home goals, both with design and budget. At this point you can be prepared to discuss your budget goals and the three things that affect the final cost of the barn home project. These three things are size, quality, and cost. Each step of the process bringing you closer to your barn home dreams.

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