A Tree House

A Tree House

There are many different types of small homes and tiny homes that you can live in from cobb cottage, beach shacks, log cabins, teardrop campers to shipping container homes. "A tree house," is the type of tiny home many people dream of, you'll want to take a look at this.

This tiny tiny treehouse is actually a tiny model of an inspired treehouse design, it's quite impressive with three decks, and all made of wood. The tiny treehouse design looks a bit like a ship, and is very unique in design. It goes to show just one of the original tiny house designs people can come up with. There are more tiny house designs than ever before with some of the tiny homes you will find to include gingerbread cottages, Japanese minimalist houses, rustic cabins, hand crafted cobb cottages, strawbale homes, garden cottages, factory built prefabs, small vacation homes, shotgun houses, accessory dwelling units, converted container homes, backyard cottages, laneway houses, off grid tiny homes, solar powered homes, wind powered homes, small prefab house, small cottages, small modern houses and more.

The Instructables website is a site where you can share what you make with the world, and are part of an ever growing community of creative experts, On this site you can create, be a part of contests and a creative community. A site like this is a perfect place to come up with original tiny house designs for all the world to see. For each tiny house out there, the design, both exterior and interior is unique to the owner and builder. This site is a great way to experiment with potential tiny home plans, style and designs, getting input and inspiration from people all over the world.

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