A tiny straw bale home for $15,000 in Poland

A tiny straw bale home for $15,000 in Poland

There are many different kinds of houses, and if you have a passion for building them, you will find many different materials you could use to build one. Most people are stuck up in the conventional concrete and wood to build a house, but how about using bales of straw and turn those into a real shelter? It is not impossible that one could live out of these materials although of course not everybody would want the idea of it because they probably think it is not safe. To be honest, it is a must to consider the location before building a house made of straw. It is obviously not conducive if you live in a huge city like New York. But if you are in the countryside, then this idea is perfect. And no, don't worry about the big bad wolf blowing off your house because that doesn't exactly happen in real life.

Just take a look at this straw bale home in Poland, and you will surely be inspired to own one. It is a tiny house and building it only cost about $15,000! To be able to have a shelter of that amount is something revolutionary because we all know how expensive it could get just to pay the mortgage on a house alone on a monthly basis. It is a huge step in your finances, and it is something to consider really. The entire house is not made of straw because the foundation still has to be sturdy, that said, the owner also used some stone to complete it. We think it is a brilliant and reasonable move.

Check out the website link of N Homes below and see for yourself this amazing straw bale home. If you are in Poland, then we encourage you even more to be inspired by this project.

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