A Tiny Space From 95% Recycled Materials

A Tiny Space From 95% Recycled Materials

Tiny and small houses are an exciting trend that has people rethinking the homes they live in, and coming up with alternatives to expensive large home living, and replacing them with smaller more affordable options. This A Tiny Space From 95% Recycled Materials is an inspiring unique glimpse of building a cost effective home out of recycled materials and how one woman realizes she doesn't need as much stuff to be happy.

This one room tiny space is made even more lovely with its beautiful dome window, the loft provides a sleeping space, while below serves as a living and workspace. The community kitchen and bathroom was in the process of being built. While this might not be the ideal living space for everyone, the trend sees many people all over the world seeking smaller spaces and enjoying fuller lives without the need to acquire and work for so much stuff.

Using recycled and reclaimed materials in the building of your home is a smart, cost effective, environmentally friendly way to add character while saving money on your build. There are plenty of websites and resources to aid in your search for materials, you just have to do a bit of research. As soon as you are considering building a structure you should start your search, so you know what sizes and materials you are working with beforehand.

Used doors are best suited for use as interior doors, and you'll want to get them professionally sandblasted if you need to remove paint as they may be lead based. Used windows are best suited for greenhouses or outbuildings. You will want to purchase new exterior doors and windows for your space as they will be well insulated and well sealed, important factors to make your space energy efficient. Websites such as Kijiji, Craigslist and Ebay are great sites for finding bricks and masonry which is effective as a recycled building material, old baseboards are another thing you'll want to keep your eyes open for. Of course wood is the recycled or reclaimed material you'll most want to keep a look out for, there are whole pages dedicated to finding recycled wood, start asking around you local area, perhaps there is a home or barn being torn down, you'll be surprised once you start looking how many things you'll acquire.

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