A Taiwanese Home That Shows Just How Fun Downsizing Can Be

A Taiwanese Home That Shows Just How Fun Downsizing Can Be

Tiny house building is on the rise and people from all over the world are jumping on the tiny house bandwagon. Have a look at this beautiful Tiny House On Stilts With A Curved Roof, that is located in Taiwan. The tiny gypsy caravan looking house is located in Yilan, Taiwan near a river where people like to visit and walk around. It is apparently a pretty touristy little spot, attracting people from near and far. The tiny house on stilts was built by a few students at a nearby college, who would come and collect drift wood from the shores of the river, as well as some old found wood from houses that are no longer occupied, and they began to build this really cute home as a fun project and a hang out. Little did they know it would turn into a tourist attraction! The tiny house, sits on stilts that look to be above five feet high maybe closer to six, and they have created a great little area to store wood under, so it doesn't get wet. The weather can be very rainy in Yilan, Taiwan, so it is good to keep the wood dry so it can be used for fires.

The entrance to the house is on the ground level, and then there must be stairs leading up to the main level of the tiny house. The roof is curved so that the rain can run right off of it without collecting and creating leaks inside the house, and so that eaves toughs didn't need to be added. The siding and the shingles look to both be cedar shake tiles, which are very easy to find and affordable, it is a very economical way to side and shingle a home. There are even real glass windows that open and close, which gives the option of being able to stay warmer or to cool down the house if it is a hot day. They must have found these windows from some older abandoned houses as well. The inside looks really nice, and seems to be plastered or drywalled. Even though there is just the one photo, you can see that the walls are a nice bright, white colour. The front of the house also opens up to a little balcony, which is a really cute addition. One could sit out there and enjoy a hot tea, and look at the beautiful surroundings.

In the post from Tiny House Pins there is not a lot of information about this tiny house, besides a link to a Tiny house living Facebook page, but upon doing more research on the tiny home on stilts, there is an article on a man named Lloyd's blog, and someone in the comments section commented some more interesting information about it that I have shared with you here. The curved roof tiny home has gotten a lot of attention being that it is already at a famous tourist attraction, and also that it is something that is so unusual that people just have to take a closer look and check it out a bit more. It doesn't seem to really belong to anyone but the land that it is on and to serve as a display of how awesome tiny house building and living can be. Imagine in larger cities, if there were just a few of these little houses for the homeless to stay in. As long as people respected the space, it could be a really cool thing to have. It was a very innovative idea that these students had, and it is just so great that they went ahead and built it on their own just by finding and sourcing free materials on their own accord. It is pretty impressive what people can do when they put their minds to something, and what a cool legacy it can create.

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