A Super Modern Studio That Looks Small But It's So Spacious You Wont Believe Your Eyes!

A Super Modern Studio That Looks Small But It's So Spacious You Wont Believe Your Eyes!

This "STUDIO 19 BACH" tiny house is an 800 square foot tiny house space located in Onemana, Coromandel, New Zealand. The tiny house has a master bedroom with a private deck, bunkroom, kitchen, private bathroom/laundry with both interior and exterior access, living, dining with decks to both the East and West and built in furniture and storage throughout.

In this modern and clean lined tiny house space there is 807 square feet of interior space, with 269 square feet of outdoor decks. The great tiny house is designed and built by Strachan Group Architects. The decks for the tiny house really do bring the outdoors into the tiny house space, making it feeling larger and lending to its appeal. The use of wood throughout the interior of the space really gives it a warm feeling, with the same tone of wood used on the ceiling floor and walls, which has a way of tying the whole space together. Modern appliances, with a built in wooded framed couch, white kitchen and even a barbecue encased in the same wood anchor the house, and add to the warmth. This tiny house space looks lived in by a young family, so it goes to show that tiny house designs are great way to go for all sorts of living situations. You'll want to take a look at this inspiring tiny house and share it with your friends.

With tiny house living being more popular than ever before, and it's no wonder, what these tiny house spaces lack in space they make up for in design and style. Can you picture yourself living in a tiny home? Who says the size of your house matters? It's whats inside that counts! On this tiny house site you will find all sorts of tiny house inspirations and ideas. Some of the unique tiny house photos, designs, and styles you will see on the site include the boathouse, Stone House, The Gatehouse, Black Walnut Guesthouse, small cottage, High Plains tiny house, Floating home Muskoka boathouse, The Rio Grande tiny house, Birchwood tiny house, The Treehouse by Baumbraum, Hood River Cabin, Peaceful Log Cabin, Amalfi tiny house living, Victorian Prepper tiny house, little foot tiny house, The Beach Cottage, Writer's Studio Barn, Nat and Roshni's House, house trucks, rolling house, Loras tiny house, electric bed tiny house, Collingwood hut tiny house, Koleliba tiny house, Whitby Island FabCab, Liberation tiny house, New Mexico strawbale, cob houses, campers, poorest tourist campy and more. Don't you love that all these tiny house spaces have names? You might want to take a look at the time you start looking at this site, because it's really easy to get side tracked and spend a little longer then you expected just daydreaming with all the great tiny house designs you'll see.

Have you ever been inside a tiny house? Tiny houses and small homes aren't just for living in full time, they serve a variety of needs and purposes. You may consider a tiny house design for use as a guest house, for when company comes over and you want them to have a place to stay that is separate from the house. Or maybe you'd like a tiny house to use as your backyard artist studio or writers cabin, away from all the noise of your busy house, a place to be inspired by and to get your work and creative things done. You can also use a tiny house for a vacation home, located on your ocean view piece of property. The options are endless.

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