A Stunning Twist To The Classic Log Home Design: A Rustic Cabin Built From Round Logs!

A Stunning Twist To The Classic Log Home Design: A Rustic Cabin Built From Round Logs!

A cabin crafted from round logs speaks to the history and solid design of this particular approach to building. Standout Cabin Designs that creates these wonderful traditional plans and homes is committed to the best in style, design and practical living. See the many ideas they have made in the past and that they can use to build your home for you in the future. Log cabins have been around for many centuries and can be traced back to northern Europe, Sweden, Norway and other early northern civilizations. That is because, of course, of the plentiful woods with monstrous trees that could be readily cut and used to build snug homes that kept you warm against the icy cold winters.

These contemporary designs lean on that long history to bring you homes that are just as beautiful and carry the legacy of these historical designs with the contemporary trends that have followed. The particular cabin crafted from round logs is very traditional. And the wood exterior will keep the interior cool, an especially good aspect of the design for this home built in New Mexico. A new feature in this log cabin includes an upstairs balcony that gives a place to admire the view and to sit outside as desired.

The interior exposes an area that is much larger than you might expect from the outside view. It is light and airy because of the glass doors and windows and a huge stone fireplace dominates one part of the room. It is majestic and beautiful, but also comfortable and homey. This design combines all the best things in living. Check out the website today and see if there is a plan or an idea that you would like to discuss with Standout Cabin Designs today, and start your journey to a log cabin tomorrow.

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