A Stunning Home That Proves 'Deluxe Barn' Is Not a Paradox

A Stunning Home That Proves 'Deluxe Barn' Is Not a Paradox

This 36x60 Great Plains Gambrel Barn Home has all the features that make barn home living so easy to fall in love with. This stunning barn home floor plan is a post and beam barn kit that has 12-foot lean-tos, and a covered front porch perfect for days and nights of relaxing in the country fresh air. This barn home kit is a nice size, suitable for full time living with lots of open space, or for use as a vacation home out in the country. This barn home kit is designed and built by Sand Creek Post and Beam and can be used for a variety of uses from equipment and toy storage, horse barns, detached garages, loft living, party barns, event centers and wedding facilities. This barn home is located in Nebraska.

It's easy to look at a barn home kit like this and start to dream. Can you imagine living in a beautiful barn home like this out on a piece of property surrounded by the mountains, or a big open field? The barn home kits by Sand Creek Post and Beam offer a variety of barn plans, sizes, and designs to suit whatever building needs you might have. You will want to take a look at their site and see some of the beautiful barn home designs that they have, each with a unique style and look of their own. The Sand Creek Post and Beam Company is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of custom designed wood barn and barn home kits in the country. The company is a family owned business that is located in Wayne, Nebraska. The main focus of this company is on post and beam builds, using historic and traditional designs. The Sand Creek Post and Beam Company have helped build over 1,000 customers realize their barn home and barn dreams all over the country, including Canada. There are all sorts of barn styles to choose from to include event barns, wood barns, barn homes, pavilions, barn Kings, windmills, and accessories.

You are sure to fall in love with the attention to detail some of these barn builds have, this is a company that is doing an excellent job at keeping the tradition of barn home and barns alive with their custom barn designs. Their quality designed barn kits have been used as lake houses, full time residences, cabins, secondary homes, loft apartments, and combination use barn and home. These barn home kits are both rustic and beautiful, with lots of barn styles you can choose from available in pre-manufactured builds, and shipped as a kit.

You have probably heard of post and beam construction and timber framing before. Both are popular construction methods of building homes that use heavy timbers instead of dimensional lumber. A traditional timber framed home is the type of building method that uses heavy squared off and precisely fitted and joined timbers with joints that are joined by large wooden pegs. Timber frame post and beam construction are popular in wooden buildings that were built from the 19th century and earlier. This type of building method comes from constructing homes out of logs and tree trunks without the use of more high-tech saws that cut timber from the material stock that is started with. This building technique found farmers and artisans using adzes, axes, and draw knives, hand powered auger drill bits, and laborious woodworking and gradually assembling a building capable of bearing heavy weight without the excessive use of interior space that is filled with vertical support posts.

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