A Stunning Example of What You Can Create from Reclaimed Materials

A Stunning Example of What You Can Create from Reclaimed Materials

You will like the look of this rustic and modern Cabin Title 115. The tiny house has its entrance and a private front yard that is gated. The owners of this rustic styled tiny house built it on the property they own because they had always wanted to build a tiny house themselves and so they did it with the help of friends. Upon first entering the tiny house you find yourself in the kitchen/living area, and the bathroom is also close. Upstairs you have a nice loft that has a queen sized bed to sleep.

This tiny house located in Portland, Oregon is built from mostly reclaimed materials and furnishings. Some of the wood, shelving and trim in the tiny house came from an old wooden shed that once sat on the property. They also found wood that was unwanted from high-end construction job sites. You will find windows on the tiny house design that came from an old horse farm building, along with a kitchen stove and a fridge that came from a museum. By recycling so many materials, they have managed to add so much character to the tiny home.

This rustic tiny house is available for rent on Airbnb, a chance to stay in a unique tiny house space, and a fun Portland neigborhood!

This rustic tiny house is a good example of some of the sustainable things you can do to make your tiny house your own. By using reclaimed wood and materials, you not only save money, but add more character to your place. A tiny house space like this can be used for a wide variety of things. Like the current owners you might choose to rent it out to be used as a tiny house vacation home, or maybe you might consider using a tiny house like this as a guest house. For some people a tiny house like this would be the perfect answer to getting away for holidays and vacation days, built on a piece of property somewhere that you enjoy being. Imagine a charming tiny house space like this on a piece of property close to nature? It is a great size and has everything you need while you are away. Then there are some people who would choose to use a rustic tiny house like this for full time living. This tiny house might seem small to some, but for others, it's a great way to downsize from their current living conditions and a way to save some money, and pursue more travel or hobbies. For whatever reasons you might consider a tiny house space, you can have a lot of fun in the designing and decorating process. Making the tiny house, a place of your own.

It goes to show that while a tiny house might have less space, it doesn't mean you have can't decorate and design the space the way you want. This rustic tiny house is a great example of what you can accomplish with a tiny house space. First off the location that you choose to build your tiny house can have just as much impact on the tiny house as the tiny house design does. It's alway nice if when building a tiny house, you can have an outdoor space that extends outdoors, therefore making your tiny house feel that much larger. Windows help with letting in natural light, especially important during the day, changing the way your tiny house feels, and on some days warming up the place. Reclaimed materials on a tiny house, offer a sustainable way to feel good about your tiny house build. The nice thing is you can go on tiny house site like this, where you can find some of the best ideas and inspirations.

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