Now this is a place that looks like it could just have popped out of a story book and landed on this piece of land! Check out this awesome Storybook Cob Cottage, that kind of resembles a mushroom, located on Mayne Island, British Columbia, in Canada, one of the Gulf Islands on the Pacific Coast of Canada. Actually, it was the very first cob style home in Canada, that went through the permit process for building houses. Which can be a very arduous process, with all of the legalities around building houses that are not a conventional nature to Canada.

Although cob building is not new, it is mostly used in the warmer places in the south, like New Mexico or Arizona, or down in Mexico or South America. People have been using this building method for years. It is a very efficient and sustainable way to build homes, since they use all natural materials like dirt, clay and straw to make the walls of the home. They are built by hand, building layer upon layer of the earthen materials to form strong walls.

This home does have some beautiful wood features on the ceiling, that would probably give the home a lot of added strength and durability. The curves of the home, add so much to the over all appeal of the house, giving it that story book cottage feel. There is lovely built in seating and shelving, the fire place is stunning, and a wonderful place to hang out around and help the cabin stay nice and warm during the colder months. The curved windows let a lot of beautiful light into the sweet cottage. Wouldn't it be such a magical place to live or even just visit? Go and have a look at all of the amazing photos, and have a little tour of it! Head over to 'Small House Bliss' by following the link in the description below!

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