A Stall, Grand Hall and Party Space—This Barn Home Sure Has It All

A Stall, Grand Hall and Party Space—This Barn Home Sure Has It All

If you like rustic country living, you will fall in love with a Bayou party barn home. This beautiful barn home is part horse stable, part weekend retreat, and entertaining space. With all sorts of country details, that make it feel cozy and inviting. This barn styled home has a scenic view of the swamp! As it is located in the Bayou of Louisiana. This is the barn home of a Louisiana family who wanted a place for entertaining but also needed a stable. So the family built both into one barn styled design and wound up with the perfect party spot.

The idea for the barn styled home started with a horse. Fred and Jennifer Heebe’s ten-year-old daughter Anna loves animals, so the couple needed places for some of the new residents in their family to live. Most importantly a stable for one of Anna’s horses. The property is called Talisheek, named by the Heebes, and is located just over an hour outside of New Orleans, near the Louisiana/Mississippi border. The property is adjacent to the Bogue Chitto National Wildlife Refuge. Fred’s family has owned the property since the 1940s. He remembers the property when he was a kid, with most of the land being wild and overgrown. He remembers coming out and helping his stepfather with projects, fishing, and then going water-skiing barefoot. Today, he, his stepfather, his cousin, his stepbrother, and the property’s caretaker all have houses on the property.

The architects in the project, Eric Grieshaber and George Hopkins had already designed the Heebes’ main house that is located a little way up the road. After talking with Fred and Jennifer about adding a pavilion where the whole family could gather, they then came up with the ideas of building a stable, so they decided to get creative with a design that could meet all of their needs.The styled barn home ended up becoming many things, but it’s still a real barn. Inside you will find an elegant main entrance that goes right past three stalls that contain a sampling of Anna’s animals. Two miniature Sicilian donkeys, two goats, a couple of Angora rabbits, and a longhorn calf. It ended up that Anna’s horse preferred to stay in its old home which is a short walk away. Just past the stalls, there are two heart-pine doors that pull open to reveal a grand main hall, which has a kitchen, a bar, and a dining room. All of which have soaring timber ceilings that are held up by massive reclaimed beams above and salvaged brick and wood floors below. Upstairs you will find two guest rooms sleep one family each, with window beds for kids.

There are a lot of details in this stunning barn styled home to mention. From the rustic look of the barn home with all the reclaimed Louisiana wood used. The wood burning grill in the heart of the house. The wood floors, lots of windows, a dining table to seat ten, the tack room and the beautiful country kitchen, with its black countertops, lots of wood and its country sink. The kitchen uses lots of brick to add to the overall warm feeling of the barn home. You'll find views of the swamp on this beautiful property with walkways where you can enjoy all the property has to offer. Outside there is also a nice garden, perfect for growing vegetables, herbs, and fruit to be used when they are entertaining friends and family in the majestic dining room. You will want to take a peak inside this lovely barn styled home; you won't want to leave!

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