No Dish Soap Needed, Clean Your Slow Cooker Easily

No Dish Soap Needed, Clean Your Slow Cooker Easily

You may not know it yet, but there is a simple way to clean the inside of your slow cooker. For this cleaning tutorial there is no dish soap needed, and no harsh chemical cleaners either. If you are like other people who love using their slow cookers, you will know how messy the inside of the heating chamber. Many people who own slow cookers have never really thought of cleaning the inside of their slow cooker or crockpot. But just like any kitchen appliance, its wonderful if you can give it a bit of attention now and again to keep it looking good and running smoothly. The only concern with cleaning something like a slow cooker on the inside, is ruining the electric panels on the inside. But not to worry, the inside of the slow cooker or crock pot can withstand a light amount of moisture since it is able to handle drips from food boiling over the ceramic dish inside the slow cooker. That is also why its great that there is no dish soap needed for this tutorial, because dish soap can take a lot of water to rinse off, and that is not an option when cleaning the heating chamber of your slow cooker or crock pot. You can clean your slow cooker easily with this awesome cleaning tip from Jillee shared on her website, One Good Thing by Jillee.

There are so many great ways to naturally clean your home and its even better that they don't involve using harsh chemical cleaning agents. Not only are chemical filled cleaners bad for our health and the health of our pets, they are bad for the environment as well. They pollute our waterways and can harm animals. Parabens are a major contributor to environmental pollution, some of the waterways that are polluted with parabens make the environment unlovable by the animals that once lived there. You can make sure to buy products that don't have parabens listed in their ingredients list and you can check out a list of safe and researched natural cleaners compiled by the Environmental Working Group to make sure that the natural cleaners you purchase are absolutely safe. Making your own natural cleaners is also an option. Baking soda, for example, is a gentle abrasive that can be made into a paste when mixed with some water or hydrogen peroxide. Using vinegar mixed with water is also a wonderful natural cleaner you can use for a variety of cleaning tasks. Both of these useful natural ingredients disinfect, deodorize and break down grime and dirt naturally. These simple cleaning ingredients are also quite inexpensive so you can save money from not having to buy expensive cleaners.

You can also use essential oils to give your natural homemade cleaners a nice scent, and to add to the disinfecting and cleaning benefits of your cleaners. They will also give your home a nice dose of aroma therapy which has been known to improve mood and alleviate stress. Make sure you only use 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and do your research on the company and where they obtain their oils. So clean your slow cooker easily and naturally with this great tutorial from One Good Thing by Jillie, and see how well it works for you and if it leaves your slow cooker or crock pot looking brand new again. Enjoy other great cleaning tips and tricks from Jillie's website as well as health and beauty advice like how to make your own lotion bars with natural ingredients, and how to help allergies. She also shares great gardening tips for all of the green thumbs out there.***

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