A Romantic Log Cabin In The Forest

A Romantic Log Cabin In The Forest

Sometimes when we go away on vacation, we forget to look into original places to stay such as small houses, micro houses, strippable houses, cobb cottages, beach shacks, tiny homes and small log cabins. This is "A Romantic Log Cabin In The Forest," a simple, yet rustic log cabin away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Surprisingly this cabin is located only fifty miles outside of Paris, so yes you might be inclined to also spend time in the beautiful city of lights, but what a nice alternative to staying in a hotel. It's hard to imagine that this little log cabin is only fifty miles away from such a big city. This cute log cabin is surrounded by forest and is located in the private park of Graville Castle. The log cabin is called La Fuste du Domaine de Graville. This small log cabin has one bedroom with double bed, a terrace, a couch, coffee table and desk, no electricity but plenty of candles available, large outdoor table and chairs on wraparound outdoor patio. There are plenty of great photos on the website to get a look at this adorable little log cabin.

Log cabins have been around for hundreds of years, and have always proven to be a durable and easy build, just by using the natural material that are available on your piece of property or land. Today there are many log cabin designs, style and plans to choose from, whether your preference is modern, rustic, or a little bit of both. It's always best to talk to a reputable builder in your area, to discuss any questions and inquiries you might have, if log cabin or log home living is something you are considering.

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