A New Trend in Tiny, Moveable Houses: Coming to a City Near You

A New Trend in Tiny, Moveable Houses: Coming to a City Near You

This ‘Tiny House’ is a 140 square feet. It is well suited for its practical charm. The designer, Vina Lustado of Sol Haus Design was the inspiration behind this home. The structure of the dwelling sits on a 8 foot by 20 foot trailer. The structure is designed with wood flooring and wood ceilings offering a rustic yet elegant contemporary look. Skylights provide sufficient light. The entire structure was relatively inexpensive at around $35 000.00. Others have been inspired by the design and have built similar structures for relatively less than this amount.

A wood deck built off the main entrance provides space for a patio for relaxing in the outdoors. As with other tiny homes space is maximized and there is a neat loft for sleeping. A built in desk and room for storage was crafted into the design to save room. Maximizing the use of space offers the needed space for placing needed commodities to live. A central fireplace quickly and efficiently heats this space offering residents ways to save money on utility bills. During hotter months, windows and doors can open to allow for airflow and a sense of living in the outdoors.

The appeal of the design is that it can be moved anywhere. The ‘Tiny House Movement forms congruence with other environmental movements in a quest to downsize and live more simplistically and connected to nature. Part of the allure has added financial benefits to those building or purchasing housing. Owning a smaller abode such as Lustado’s designed home means one can easily pay off any capital costs needed to construct such a structure. More financial independence means more time for those activities with family and friends or enjoying what matters most. Designs such as this that support the environment but which are functional are unique as they are appealing. At Inhabitat, designs such as Lustado's are certainly applauded for their ingenuity as they are for ways protecting the planet.

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