A Modern HERMITS Cabin

A Modern HERMITS Cabin

When talking about cabin, what comes into your mind? There are people who define it as a perfect hideaway, and there are also some who sayit is an affordable alternative for a typical expensive house. These are all true definitions of a cabin. One reason why it is affordable is the fact that it is smaller in size compared to a typical house in which you will pay for monthly mortgage. Also if you build from scratch you can save on overall material costs. One worthwhile cabin that is gaining more and more popularity these days is the Modern "Hermit's Cabin".

This is a studio type of a cabin that is designed in a very sophisticated way. The brilliant mind of this modern cabin is the Parra + Edwards Arquitectos. If you are already tired of the noisy and busy life that cities have to offer, then this is the perfect home alternative for you since it is built in the middle of a forest outside Santiago, Chile. Its floor plan speaks of its 20 square meters (215 square feet) measurement. Inside this cabin, you will see a chair, a desk, a bed, and a full bathroom where you can have a great bathing experience. If you need some meditation activities, you can take advantage of its extra space. The problem here is there is no built-in kitchen available. However, there is no need for you to worry since it has a wood stove where you can cook the dishes you want to eat. You can also build your own kitchenette inside it if you want to down the road.

What is even interesting about this is its exterior is covered with wood strips. Its french doors will welcome you to the relaxing nature around you, while the large window will give you the chance to take full view in the forest.

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