A Masterpiece House That Proves Handcrafted Log Home Construction Is an Art of Its Own

A Masterpiece House That Proves Handcrafted Log Home Construction Is an Art of Its Own

When you see a log cabin like this Pioneer Log Cabin 17, it's easy to imagine yourself spending time here, as every detail is exactly what you would expect of a quality log home build. From the eagle log carving at the peak of its roof, to the big logs throughout the build, the steep peaked roof, the large dormers, and front windows. What's not to love? Then you have the location of the log home, the big open skies, and the foothills out back, you know life would somehow be all that you dreamed with a log home just like this. It only takes a simple log home photo like this to spark your imagination and get you thinking and dreaming about living/staying in a log home like this. The log home itself is beautiful and well built, but the dog sitting on the front log is what gets me, I can somehow picture my dog sitting on that rock while I enjoy the sunset at this log cabin. Log cabins like this just have the power to capture our imaginations and take us away to a life more relaxed.

Pioneer Log Homes have been building quality log homes and log cabins from their Williams Lake, British Columbia location since 1973. The log home company is a family run business that is passionate about what they do, with master craftsmen using their skills each day, creating some of the most beautiful log cabins and log home builds you will find. Pioneer Log Homes can be found all over the world from Canada to Scotland and Austria, and they can ship to most anywhere in the world. They are a log home business that not only produces quality work, but they also care about where they get their logs. They give back to the environment so they can ensure that the source of their logs will continue to thrive. They have a strong commitment to sustainability, and they guarantee that the logs they use are from sustainable sources. Some of the logs they use are Western Red Cedar, and they take great pride with the management of the renewal and reforestation of these beautiful trees. They know that their future business depends on the forests where they get these trees, so they are committed to taking care of the forest where these trees come.

Log homes and log cabins have been around for centuries, and will continue to be around for more years. The people at Pioneer log homes handcraft each of their cedar log homes with quality standards and quality in mind. Each log home and log cabin that they build is seasoned and air dried so that shrinking and checking can be controlled. This ensures that the log homes and log cabins that they create and build will need very little maintenance and adjustment.

Log cabins and log homes are the types of homes that people have long dreamed of building and owning. Around for hundreds of years, you will find log cabins all over the world. Some popular areas for log cabins and log homes are Norway, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Russia and the Baltic States, as you will find the trees needed for log home construction plentiful there. For log home builds, you need trees that are straight and tall coniferous trees, such as Spruce, pine trees and Douglas Fir. In areas that are warmer, you will find more deciduous trees readily available, and more timber-framed homes built. Log cabins and log homes are a favorite among home builders for the durability they provide and the level of comfort they afford.

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