A Majestic Lakefront Log House With The Most Amazing Natural Light

A Majestic Lakefront Log House With The Most Amazing Natural Light

Many people are beginning to go back to simpler living and having a stronger connection to nature and themselves. This Lakehouse 4166AL - Great Room - Glass Wall, from Golden Eagle Log Homes, is a beautiful plan for a stunning log home with all of the best features. Log homes have been around for centuries. Originally brought to North America by Sweedish settlers in the 1600s, the homes usually only had one room and used no nails in the construction. They were meant to be easily made with materials that people could get from their surroundings. This is what makes them such a great, traditional, yet sustainable choice for building a home today.

The majestic looking Lake House log home is stunning in it's appearance. The great high ceilings in the great room with all of the windows gives it a really contemporary look. The whole house is amazing in the design and build, there are beautiful features throughout the home, like the natural polished logs that make some of the furniture and the polished stone floors as well, just give it that nice natural, yet beautiful and very chic look. The kitchen is absolutely breathtaking, with all of the space, and hand made countertops and cabinetry!

Since log homes and cabins have been around for so long, people generally tend to trust in their structure, and know some log homes to last for hundreds of years if built properly and maintained throughout the years. With the many different designs out there now, it's hard to decide on what log home kit to choose, but like with anything, do your research and know the facts before you purchase anything. Usually the simpler the design, the more cost effective the home will be. The smaller a log cabin is, the less it will cost to build and to heat and maintain as the years go on. Check out some of the awesome designs on 'Golden Eagle Log Homes' website by following the link in the description for more!

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