A Magnificent Barn Home That Will Turn Your Lifestyle from Rural to Surreal

A Magnificent Barn Home That Will Turn Your Lifestyle from Rural to Surreal

You will want to take a look at the beautiful Santa Ynez Horse Barn, located in Santa Ynez, California. This custom horse barn fits in perfectly with its landscape and has many features that set it apart from any other horse barn you'll see.Some of the features that this horse barn has include seven horse stalls that have covered turnouts, a grooming stall, a powder room and laundry, tack room, and an office. This beautiful horse barn even has a one bedroom caretaker's apartment with kitchen, covered patio and private bathroom. The front of the horse barn is framed by a massive timber-framed porch with a stamped concrete patio, a great place to relax and enjoy fresh air and the scenic views with family and friends.

Other custom finishes that make this horse barn unique, from the horse-friendly rubber pavers in the center aisle, black powder coated connection hardware or the beautiful Douglas Fir wall coverings throughout the barn. The clerestory and gable ends of the horse barn are sided with cedar boards and battens.DC Building is a designer and general contractor who travel all over the country building custom, quality, all-wood barns. DC Building offers an in-house design team that will ensure you'll be building a 100 percent custom barn that meets all of your needs. Timber frame barn structures use fewer, and larger wood posts and beams than a standard construction build. Timber frame barn structures offer increased stability and are the perfect type of build for barns. Exposed beams and open floor plans are one of the thigs that people love about barns. DC Building prides itself on using quality timber. They only use the highest quality of wood, combined with their top-notch workmanship to build your dream barn.Another advantage of timber frame barns is the fact that they can be built quickly, without compromising the quality of the structure. They work together with each client to design their barn build, from the layout of the barn on the property, to the floor plan, to the final finishes.

When it comes to building a barn, there are all sorts of details that you might want to add. Some of the barns feature you will hear about include Monitor barns. These are also known as raised center aisle or RCA barns. These barns feature a raised center section that has its gabled roof. The sides of the raised center aisle are often filled with windows to improve the ventilation of the barn structure and increase the amount of natural light inside. A popular type of barn is a horse barn. Owning and riding a horse requires a lot of gear, which is also known as horse tack. Stuff like the bridle, saddle, bit, girths, cinches, saddle pads, lead ropes, halters, and specialized clothing are all considered tack. A room in the barn or stable that stores all of the tack equipment is known as the tack room.

Timber frame barns have thermal mass. What this means is that the timber used in a barn can store and hold the transfer of heat. This is also a property of stone and metal. So this feature makes wood very energy efficient. Wood also has a natural insulating ability. So the thermal mass of a piece of timber allows it to absorb heat during the warmest part of the day and then return it to the log home during the cooler night. Thermal mass also means that the heat that is collected during the day won't be transferred through the wall.

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