A Little DIY & Oursourcing Can Get You this House for About $25,000

A Little DIY & Oursourcing Can Get You this House for About $25,000

It's easy to see why this prefab cottage is so popular. The good news is that this prefab cottage design is an affordable option if you are looking for a new cottage to spend time with family and friends. Priced at just $140 to $350 US per square meter this is an affordable home kit to consider. Many people don't know a whole lot about prefab homes, and they are something that is becoming more popular as people catch on to their benefits. With affordability on the top of the list, along with prefabs taking less overall time to build as they are manufactured in climate controlled indoor factories and the wide variety of prefab home options to choose from. Many people get prefab homes and modular homes mixed up with mobile homes (which are now called manufactured homes). But prefab and modular homes are not like manufactured homes in that they are not mobile. Prefab and modular homes are built on top of a foundation and are permanent homes. The only thing you will need for a prefab home is a piece of property to build it on, along with a plumber and electrician to get the house up and running.

Prefabricated kits have been around for a long time. While prefab home kits may seem like something new, the first prefab homes and movable home structures were originally invented in the 16th century in India by Akbar who was a Mughal emperor, and may go back as far as to 1160 to 1170 when mention of a castle being moved in a kit form. Prefab homes also have a long history in the United States. With an early version of a prefab construction was sent from England all the way back in the 1600s. But real prefabs similar to what we know today did not take off until the arrival of house kits. Prefab house kits would contain all of the house's parts, so the owners could then build the homes themselves or hire people to construct the house kits for them. The earliest house kits were sold by The Aladdin Company from their catalog in 1906. One of the best-known early home kit sellers was the Sears, Roebuck, and Company which sold more than 100,000 homes from the years of 1908 to 1940. People with money wanted to build homes for their families that were away from the city, and with an improving road system that allowed them to build in the country, house kits became popular. Also just like the automotive industry benefited from assembly-line production, so did manufactured homes. Housing parts, that instead of being constructed on site by carpenters, could be mass-produced on conveyor belts and then shipped to the site for much lower costs. Skilled laborers didn't have to make plaster walls if drywall could be mass-produced in a factory, along with plumbing and electrical wiring, which could also be installed much more cost effectively at an indoor factory instead of on site by an assortment of skilled laborers.

If building your prefab cottage is something you've been thinking about, you will want to consider prefab designs. This prefab cottage is just one of the prefabs you will find on the "Alibaba" site. On this prefab designs site, you will find all sorts of prefabs, in a variety of sizes and styles from big to small. You will find suppliers of prefab homes from around the world depending on the sort of prefab design you want. With all sorts of prefab designs from garden sheds, guest cottages, Craftsman, log cabins, timber frame designs and so much more, there is something to suit most any budget and preference. **

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