A Homeowner With "Problems" Most People Would Die to Cope With

A Homeowner With "Problems" Most People Would Die to Cope With

Log homes and cabins evoke a kind of nostalgia to most people, and they tend to remind us of a time when people lived more simply. If you have a soft spot in your heart for these beautiful structures, than you will love to see this lovely Cabin Title 10 on Houzz. Log homes have been made since even before the Europeans started to settle the in North America. It was the Swedish people that brought the log home building concept to North America and the people back then made use of the materials they could find in their immediate environment and usually practiced a conscious and mindful approach to all the things they did. But, even before they came to North America, different Native tribes all across the nation were also using logs as a material to build their homes, community buildings and even for making totem poles, tipis, and canoes.

So it's no wonder at all why people choose to build log structures for their homes and cabins. People have such a strong trust in the reliability of these beautiful structures. This particular log cabin comes from a member on Houzz.com, inquiring to other users for how he can make his cabin accommodating to multiple people staying there at one time. It would be the perfect place to go for a vacation, or live in full time as a couple or a family. This one has a very nice and simple design, that evokes a feeling of simplicity and getting back to basics. The peaked roofs and the full floor to ceiling windows give it that beautiful and majestic look. The lovely little deck on the front of the home, could host the perfect chairs that you would love to sit in and drink a nice cold glass of lemonade, or sip on a cup of warm tea on a colder day. The beautiful way the home just seems to offer such a cozy ambiance to all who will enter. This home seems like it would be the perfect little cabin in the woods, and would make for a nice retreat place for anyone. There is also a nice modern feel to this home, with the straight angles and the more contemporary appearance of the house. Who wouldn't love all of those amazing windows opening up to such a great view?!

The user posting the question wants to know how to decorate, and furnish this home to make it fit for a vacation rental, or a temporary rental. There are many ideas that people have down in the comments, like adding a day bed, which would be an excellent idea. That way it could double as a sofa during the day. A hide a bed is also a great idea, as it will be a sofa in the day and then your pull out to have a full mattress for two people! There are also Murphy beds that are excellent for this kind of space, or partitions.

Log homes are known for their cozy and familiar feeling, something that just makes people feel right at home. It might be connected to some nostalgia or memories, or it might just be because the materials come from the earth itself, and that the trees are living beings themselves, that makes us feel so comforted in a log home. Log homes have also been built for centuries, and are a big part of our history as human beings. They are a part of our housing history and so, that makes them a part of how we have evolved as humans too. They are definitely one of North America's ways to build homes, and they have been a trusted way to build homes, that people know they can enjoy for decades to come.

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