A Heritage Log Cabin

A Heritage Log Cabin

Did you just inherit a heritage log home? “Yes, I did.” That’s adorable! How is it now? *silence* “Oh, you know… I wasn’t able to repair the house and then it got some unexpected boarders so I ran away from it.” *another silence* Clearly, running away is not the proper way of restoring a heritage house. For those who have just inherited a heritage log home, you should take care of it. It is a family heirloom, guys. Your family have entrusted the house for you to inherit to your future children and grand children. This heritage log home we have here today is the perfect epitome of an ideally restored log house. I give my salute to Wardblake Architects. Good job in restoring the house, architects! You, too, can help save your family memories by restoring their heritage home and here’s what you can do.

According to the website Log Home Care, “first of all, most structural integrity of a log building comes from the corners.” You must make a serious and thorough inspection on every corners of the old log home. This is to find out the level of degradation. Inspecting all the corners will also give you an idea about how well the restoration will go. Now, you can proceed to looking for molds and mildews. Log homes are very prone to this and are one of their worst enemies. But as mentioned in the log Home care site, “Minor rotting and the presence of mold or mildew can be dealt with very effectively, and should not deter you from taking on the project.”

This time, you’ll have to go up and check the roof. This is most especially for heritage homes that are two-storey high. Check the roof’s structure, collar ties, and plumb lines of the upper sections, and its strength. The doors, windows, exterior, and fireplaces must not miss your eyes too. Check the doors and windows if there are improper settlings. For the fireplace, the inside corners must be inspected as well. The general cleaning of the exterior should take place to remove graying, mold, and mildew.

Here are just simple tips for you. To see a beautifully restored heritage log home, click on Teton Heritage Builders below.

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