A Gypsy Wagon Fit For The Queen Herself

A Gypsy Wagon Fit For The Queen Herself

Wow! Once you see the inside of this beautiful gypsy wagon, you will be amazed! This is definitely A Gypsy Wagon Fit For The Queen Herself! Seriously, when you see the interior decor, you will probably be as shocked as I was at how luxurious it is. The outside of the gypsy wagon called The Roulotte, looks like just a very typical tiny home, very cool with a funky colour and design. It fits in really well to it's surroundings in the forest. It is quite a different scene when you enter, it looks like something out of a super fancy hotel or resort! The Roulotte is one of the sweet little guest houses that is part of La Bastide de Marie in France as you may have already guessed. You can stay here or in one of the other little suits, all with bathrooms. There is dining and a spa on the grounds that you can enjoy a nice French meal at and have a relaxing massage.

It costs 130-540 Euro for 2 guests per night and you can add breakfast onto that for an extra fee if you like. La Bastide de Marie is situated in Provence, in a gorgeous little town called Mnerbes. Imagine waking up to the rolling hills and vineyards of the french country side... the sun glowing over the lush, green vegetation. The accommodations are situated right in the middle of their vineyard, so I can imagine you can sample some of their fine wines while you are staying too. Also, footsteps away is a pool you can have a nice swim in after a nice day of relaxing in the sun.

This is an absolutely stunning place, I would so love to stay here one day! You must check it out! Head over to Tiny House For Us by following the link in the description below for more!

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