A Cute Alaskan Cabin That Looks And Feels Magical

A Cute Alaskan Cabin That Looks And Feels Magical

What might it be have been like to have lived in a log cabin? Imagine a smallish room and at one end there is a stone fireplace. Add a small window or two and a door. Lay rough boards crosswise to the beams in order to make a small loft and put some wooden planking for the floor. Are you picturing this rustic cabin? OK, set up a few pieces of wood furniture around the room, put a table in the center, a trunk, a chest, stools, a pole bed in one corner, and a low rocking chair. Wooden plank shelving that will hold the dishes and other things you need to store.

Now in your mind, modernize it and imagine a log cabin or house according to your plan. Log cabins are one possibility if you are a considering a home. Have you had the urge to design or live in a log dwelling? Before deciding to purchase or build, bear in mind the pros and cons first. . Below are some of the Pros and Cons of log home.


-Living in a log cabin generates a cozy warm and relaxing feeling

-It is energy efficient when it comes to conventional heating and air conditioning in place. Around 2.5 to over 20% more energy efficient if built properly compared to a same wood-frame home.

-Its walls are thick so work as good sound insulators.

-It possesses a prestigious and beautiful artistic appeal.


-Planning for wiring must be well thought out as the wires go into the logs so it is a little more complicated to wire with electricity.

-As the logs shrink, you will have to put caulking to keep your home airtight.

-You home will have to be sealed and stained.

-It is harder to sell a long home than a conventional home as the market for them is smaller.

It is interesting that the cabin photo featured has a grass roof. This is becoming a more popular choice these days.

Now that you have a few of what a few pros and cons are, you might want to take a look at this Super cute Alaskan cabin via Pinterest, or simply click the link below.

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