A Creekside Cottage for the Ages

A Creekside Cottage for the Ages

A Creekside Cottage for the Ages is a beautiful log house renovation located in Western North Carolina. The best part about this log house construction is the story behind the log cabin designs. The original log house owners descendant buys back the log house then builds a beautiful log house construction to be proud of. This log house construction renovation was built in 2013, with 2,400 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The stunning log house construction is hidden deep in the Pisgah National Forest of western North Carolina and was aptly named Kibbin because its owners youngest son, aged 3, could not pronounce cabin. In the 1930s, the owners grandfather, who was a judge in the area, bought the land and some locally harvested timbers from a young mountain man, who planned to build a log house for his fiance. She left him and went to California, so the grandfather took the land and the timbers off the young mans hands for a mere $50.00.

But in 1971, over the objections of his grandchildren, the judge went on to sell the one-story wood log house. The memories from the log house continued to resonate with the grandchildren. And in 2011, the original Kibbin log house and the 7 surrounding acres came up for sale. Larry the judges grandson and an Atlanta attorney was happy, to say the least. And Larrys wife, Dana, an Atlanta financial management professional, was happy for her husband, and more than a little relieved that his long-held log house dream had come true. The log house has incredible meaning for Larry. But as happy as the couple was to own now the log house, the wood cabins was falling. With so many memories where as children they used to play in the creek that was beside the mountain. His grandfather also used it as a connections place when he held Kibbin parties. The lower level of the 2,400-square-foot structure log house construction has a bathroom, a bedroom and the utility areas. The main living space in the log house construction has an upper level, where there is a vaulted great room with a living room, a dining room and a kitchen that sits against one long wall in the wood cabins. Curved trusses that were designed by Altobello support the great volume of open space. The log house is furnished with clean-lined, traditional log house furniture; the room is oriented towards a large fireplace and a chimney built of the same stone that forms the log house buildings exterior.

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