A Couple Finds Heaven in a Little Cabin in Texas

A Couple Finds Heaven in a Little Cabin in Texas

For most, the normal size of a house would range anywhere from 1000 square feet, plus. But not for A Couple Finds Heaven in a Little Cabin in Texas. Sue and Rick Moak, from junction, Texas, "took the scissors to their life", as Sue explains in this great article from Community Table. They spend their previous years, living a very normal life, with their kids living in a 1500 square foot home like most people their age were and are prone to do as it is the "normal" thing to do. As the years go on, we are beginning to change our definition of what normal is, and we are embracing new ways of living that are not really conventional to the ways that people have been living in the last few decades. You got a bungalow, a sizeable house, and you raised a family in it. That was the norm for many baby boomers. Now, this is being thrown out the window and there are so many people realizing, who needs normal? Just live your life the way you like and the way that feels the most comfortable to you.

The Moaks set their sights on retiring in Hill Country in Texas. So they were able to afford a 25 acre property in Texas Hill Country and had enough to build the cabin they live in today. They build the smaller cabin, with thoughts of being able to then build onto it as they could afford to. As time has gone on, the Moaks, now in their early 60s, have realized that they actually quite enjoy small house living. Who wouldn't, with a beautiful home like they have created? They also have more than enough room for the two of them, and they are the only ones there the majority of the time. For when their family comes to visit, they built a 160 square foot bunk cabin that is detached from their main home, so their guests can have a place to stay and they don't feel like they are cramped.

The main house has a living area that is 20 feet by 20 feet, which includes their kitchen, that has a great open concept design. There is plenty of cabinet space for storage, Sue even stores her canned goods that she cans her self in a large pantry they have stylishly painted black. They have all of their bowls and plates displayed on simple shelves that go right up to the ceiling for maximum storage. The kitchen has a nice stainless steel and black oven and stove top, as well as a microwave overhead. This is far better then just using a hot plate and a convection oven. The living room is shared with the sleeping area. So there are two nice bright red chairs in front of the fire place, and then the bed off to the side. Sue and Rick are barely inside any way and when they are it's cold, and they like to sit in front of the fire place to stay nice and toasty warm.

They really did cut out a lot of clutter from their lives, including taking out all of their DVDs and CDs from their cases, and putting them into CD binders. I have done this myself, and it really saves a ton of space and clutter. They have also gotten rid of all of their books, and have since switched over to downloading books onto their tablets. They just have the necessities now. This is such a great little home, and you can tell that they love it and use every square inch of it. The land surrounding their house looks absolutely beautiful as well. So its really no wonder why they feel so at home and like they have their dream house now.

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