A Contemporary Caravan with a Lovely Interior in a Fantastic Setting!

A Contemporary Caravan with a Lovely Interior in a Fantastic Setting!

If you like tiny houses you'll want to take a closer look at this "Maringotka, A Contemporary Caravan." This tiny house is a contemporary version of the traditional gypsy wagon dwelling. This tiny house was created by Prague studio Miramari Design. Maringotka can be used as a vacation home, a guest house, an artist studio, a writing studio, for housing workers, as a hotel/resort unit or as a full time residence.

This tiny house is not meant to be used as a travel trailer, while it can be moved occasionally, it does exceed the standard vehicle width limit on European roads. This stylish caravan is available in two standard configurations. Both 258 square feet floor plans have a full kitchen and three piece bath. One style of caravan has a large built in sleeping platform at one end. Then the other caravan version has an enclosed sleeping alcove plus a corner dining banquette that converts into a second bed. Maringotka is built on a steel chassis with a spruce structure and interior wall finish. The large round window in this tiny caravan is located over the bed and a porthole window in the bathroom echos the curve of the roof. The tiny caravan has weather effiecient double glazed windows, insulation to keep the tiny caravan at a good temperature and a choice of several heating options. This unique tiny house caravan, has lots of character and it is ready for year round living. You will be surprised when you take a closer look inside of this caravan, at just how modern and spacious it feels, this whole tiny house has a nice feel to it. You'll especially like the dog decal on the bathroom wall beside the sink, the use of color is great in this tiny space that offers big design appeal, for all of its small interior space.

On this tiny house website you will find small houses of all sorts, from minimalist Japanese houses to Victorian gingerbread cottages, rustic log cabins to modernist solar houses, hand crafted cob cottages to factory built prefabs. Small House Bliss features small vacation houses, Arts and Crafts bungalows, shotgun houses, accessory dwelling units, converted shipping container homes, beach shacks and more. This site is amazed by small houses and all that they offer. Small houses leave us with an overall feeling of comfort, cosiness and security that larger houses can sometimes lack. Tiny homes have the ability to protect us from the elements while using less resources and demanding less of our time for cleaning and maintenance. On this small living site you will find tiny house designs that offer big impact. You will also find all sorts of tiny house designs, ideas and inspirations. You will be impressed with some of the tiny house designs to include a trunk house, a unique cabin located in the Australian bush a couple hours drive from Melbourne. The trunk house is named after the stringy bark tree trunks that encircle the cabin, supporting the roof and looking like part of the tiny cabin; a stone outbuilding transformed into a small house, a stone outbuilding in Belgium that became a tiny house with the addition of a steel and glass pavilion. The owners of this tiny house asked that Atelier dArchitecture Bruno Erpicum and Partners transform it into a living space, but it was too small to house the desired functions without expanding the floor plan, just a bit.

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