A Comfy Ranch-Style Log Home with an Air of Timeless Rustic Charm (Click for Floor Plans)

A Comfy Ranch-Style Log Home with an Air of Timeless Rustic Charm (Click for Floor Plans)

The Newton III Log Home Plan is a standard ranch style home, with the added warmth and coziness that only a log home can have. This log home floor plan has an open living room/dining room/kitchen, a master bedroom with walk-in-closet and master bathroom, and one other bathroom. There is a separate laundry; front covered porch and back porch. This log home floor plan has 1,662 square feet of living space. This log home was designed and built by Timber Block. Timber Block offers a log home product that is unmatched in residential and commercial log home construction. They provide homeowners with state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly technology while using cost-effective log home and home building methods. They work with stock and custom log home plans. The people at Timber Block collaborate with you, to help you realize your vision, and to make your dream log home a reality.

On the My Woodhome site, you have a good place to start if log home living is something you've been thinking about. On the site, you will find everything you'll need to help you on your log home adventure. Log home topics you will find on the site include log homes planning from getting started to a log home glossary, budgeting for a log home with cost saving tips, log home design with floor plan fundamentals, log home and log cabin floor plans and more. You'll also find step by step help on building a log home from green building and who to hire, log home furnishings and decor ideas, how to maintain a log home and more. It's fun just to browse through their extensive collection of log home floor plans, it's a good way to get a sense of what is out there, and helps with figuring out the sorts of things you want in a log home of your own. The site will help you every step of the way from start to finish. You'll even find the steps to ensure that your log home decor is unique and special as your log home. With ideas on how to furnish and fill the rooms in your log home and help create the log home of your dreams. You can take advantage of the opportunity to create a unique look for your log home that reflects your personality and lifestyle. There is so much to see and do when it comes to building a log home; this is a good resource to help make the process that much more enjoyable.

A log home is a good place to getaway with the family and spend some time relaxing and unwinding. A vacation log home can make you feel better, and help you do better once you get back to work. It makes good sense to take your vacation days and spend them doing something new, reading a book, or doing nothing. Spending time away in a log cabin, whether it be napping in a hammock, swimming in a lake or taking a walk through the woods, are all beneficial to your health. These breaks away from our everyday routines and lives can have a profound healing effect on both your physical and physiological selves. Vacation homes are a good place to unwind, and take a step back and take a breather from your routine. A change of scenery can give your life a new perspective and feel. Traveling, and spending time in a beautiful location, with lakes, trees, and scenic views allows you to look at life a bit differently, and temporarily leave our old life behind and adopt some new ways of thinking and looking at the world that can crossover into our everyday lives.

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