A Clever Design Solution for Bringing the Outdoors inside (Click for Floor Plan)

A Clever Design Solution for Bringing the Outdoors inside (Click for Floor Plan)

Gorgeous log home plans like the Banner Elk II Log Home Plan can be found with a simple click of your mouse on My Wood Homes' website. Who would have ever imagined how easy it could be to browse log home floor plans all from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace? While building a log home can be quite the undertaking, choosing the perfect log home floor plan doesn't have to be. That is why My Wood Homes is such a helpful tool to use when trying to decide what kind of floor plan a log home will be built from. They have a wonderful selection of different homes from a variety of log home builders that can be checked out on their website. This way the future log home owner can choose the perfect home for their family.

The Banner Elk II Log Home Plan is simply lovely, with it's welcoming and warm appearance. The diagram of the log home model shows that the log home can have the logs left their natural colour, which for white pine logs is usually a nice light blonde tone. Logs can also be stained to a darker shade, so they have more of an amber tone to them, or even darker so that they have a coffee tone to them. The log home design shows a spacious front porch area, perfect for a couple of rocking chairs or a hammock swing, it also acts as the entrance point to welcome people into the door and creates an inviting ambiance. There is also a large deck on the back of the home to enjoy the beautiful scenery from on a nice warm day. The home features three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, with the master bedroom and en suite bathroom on the main floor, placed at the back of the house for more privacy. The other two bedrooms are located upstairs having the whole upper level to themselves.

The open plan kitchen mixed with an eat in dining area provides ample spaces for relaxing meals at home after a long day, and a large living room to unwind and lounge in with family and friends. The dormers on the roof of the house provide just a little extra space for the upstairs bedrooms and create an interesting architectural feature that suits the traditional look of the log home design. Log homes continue to be one of the most desirable types of homes on the market. There are many reasons why, but mainly for the quality and durability that log-built structures offer. People know logs to be one of the most reliable, natural and sustainable resources when it comes to building materials, and there is probably nothing that could be created by man that could compare.

Logs come from nature, and from nature, we find a plethora of amazing tools that we as humans can use to our advantage, mindfully of course. Nature is a complex and intelligent creator that has a perfect science behind it and creates living things that can work in symbiosis together to create a harmonious existence. The trees themselves have so much to offer us in the way of sustainable, renewable building materials, that have their own intricate system built right into them. A system that provides insulation from colder weather, shelter from the wind and rain and purification of the air that we breathe. They provide a super durable material to build a structure that can last a lifetime or longer as well. So, it is no wonder that humans have been turning to trees for so many needs throughout history. Check out some amazing log house and log cabin plans on My Wood Homes.

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