A Bench Carved From A Downed Tree Provides A Good Spot For A Rest While Hiking the Trail

A Bench Carved From A Downed Tree Provides A Good Spot For A Rest While Hiking the Trail

A bit like 'Finding Waldo' or one of those hologram posters in a first year dorm room, the prehistoric couch in this pastoral image appears to the eye only when you look closely. This jurassic bench carved from a downed tree provides a good spot for a rest while hiking the south loop of The Lighthouse Country Regional Trail on Vancouver Island. Located in the Bowser/Qualicum Bay area, this trail meanders through dense Douglas Fir forest, offering a cornucopia of ecological sights, including the likes of mud bogs, streams, heavy underbrush, in addition to easier going, more travelled paths.This image comes from 'Vancouver Island Beyond Victoria', a blog proffering places to "eat, stay, and play" outside of what most commonly know as the only destination on the island. The folks at VIBV go well beyond this mandate, with a sidebar full of information on topics from art galleries and dog parks, to farmers markets, kid-friendly activities, and wheelchair access.

This deluxe log-bench, carved with care, sensitivity, and not a little bit of chainsaw artistry, comes complete with three high-backed business class seats, in addition to custom-carved armrests for added comfort. You can imagine what a respite this raw yet refined outdoor furnishing would provide a weary hiker. As it happens the trail is complemented by other such benches, along with wood-carved sculptures and interpretive plaques. The Lighthouse Trail, as it happens, is welcome to more than just hikers. Cyclists, wheelchair goers, and medi-scooters are permitted, in addition to deer, rabbits, and squirrels. The list ends there however as motorized vehicles are strictly prohibited.So, if you're in need of a quick water break or an extended foot rest, this rustic carved bench on Vancouver Island is the place to be. Comfortable, artistic, and with idyllic old-growth scenery, this forest fitting is just one of many to be found on The Lighthouse Trail on Vancouver Island.

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