A Barn Home in the Middle of the Desert? You've Gotta Be Kidding Me!

A Barn Home in the Middle of the Desert? You've Gotta Be Kidding Me!

This "Tiny Barn House in the Desert" is a cute place that is offered on Airbnb as a tiny house place to stay! Have you ever wanted to stay in the desert? Well maybe you hadn't thought of it, but with this tiny barn house in the desert you could do just that! This tiny barn house has lots of features that would make it the best tiny house space to stay for a night or two, and experience desert life at its finest.

Outside of the front door you have a nice wooden patio with a comfy chair to relax and enjoy the sights, and when the sun gets too hot you can just use the hand beside the patio to get some cold water. The tiny house also has another outdoor patio with a barbecue and a table and chairs so you can enjoy a nice dinner. Inside there is a comfy couch in the living/kitchen space, and upstairs you have a sleeping loft. This tiny house barn has all you need for the best tiny house vacation ever. There is a separate tiny house building that has houses your own private bathroom with sink, and shower. Then there is also a gazebo styled building that has a hammock to lay back and catch some R & R while you enjoy your vacation.

This site is a great resource for finding lots of tiny house designs and inspirations from all over the world. Some of the tiny house designs you will find are smart and cheap space saving dish cradle for your kitchen, the $10,000 192 square foot DIY bachelor pad tiny house, academic village cottage tiny houses for student housing, 160 square foot treehouse retreat, 3 awesome tiny dishwashers you can't have, DIY tiny kitchen in a studio, DIY tiny cabin with deck, KitHAUS tiny modern cabins and backyard offices, Spacebar prefab stackable tiny houses, flexible and affordable tiny houses for all, the Swamp house your own tiny house compound, the Skyeia tin roof tiny cabin at Blue Moon Rising, Weller tiny house for sale for just $19,000, tiny houses showcased on Yahoo, tiny waterfront cabin, Fairytale tiny cob house, Gypsy wagon in Lyon, France, treehouse in Blue Mountains and lots more. Do you think you could live in a tiny house?

These days it seems like everywhere you look you are seeing tiny houses from locations all over the world. It seems more and more people are thinking about tiny homes, and because of that you are seeing a variety of designs, styles and plans available to choose from. In this modern world many of us have become accustomed to living in larger sized homes, when it fact we really don't need as much space as we all think. Tiny house living is a lesson in simplicity and a break away from needing so much, in this consumer driven world we live in. We could all use a bit less stuff, and with that we could save some money and possibly afford to do more of the things we love.

Tiny houses aren't just for living in full time, they serve a variety of needs and purposes. You may consider a tiny house design for use as a guest house, for when company comes over and you want them to have a place to stay that is separate from the house. Or maybe you'd like a tiny house to use as your backyard artist studio or writers cabin, away from all the noise of your busy house, a place to be inspired by and to get your work and creative things done. You can also use a tiny house for a vacation home, located on your ocean view piece of property. The options are endless.

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