A Backyard Shed Becomes a Mini Dream Home

A Backyard Shed Becomes a Mini Dream Home

Small home living has never been as popular as it is today, with more designs, styles, builders and plans than ever before, and more and more people considering downsizing as an option in their busy oversized lives. Looking at "A Backyard Shed Becomes a Mini Dream Home," is a perfect example of how people are transforming their lives, and reprioritizing what it is that matters to them.

There are plenty of websites out there with lots of information and answers to your small home, and tiny house questions. With so many mini house options out there, from Victorian Gingerbread cottages to minimalist Japanese houses, rustic cabins to modernist models of efficiency, hand crafted cob cottages to factory built prefabs, small vacation homes, shotgun houses, accessory dwelling units, converted container homes, beach shacks and more. There are so many well designed and interesting small houses, with ideas for planning and organizing your own small homes on many of the websites available.

Options in tiny houses, small cabins, small prefab and modular houses, small cottages, small modern and minimalist houses, backyard cottages and laneway houses to name a few. You will want to research designs, plans, micro housing, videos, green living, container homes, tiny house plans, floor plans, roof decks, do it yourself tiny house plans, prefab houses, prefab cabins, home design plans and more. Yes, there is a lot of information out available, but that's a good thing, it allows you to design and determine, exactly what sort of home you wish to live in, and what means the most to you. Many people are downsizing in the hopes of saving money, with most buying their tiny homes outright, allowing for more money in the bank, and determining how you will live your life, with more travel and adventure and less stuff.

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