A 175 Year Old Cabin That Was Restored And Now Looks Cozy And Beautiful

A 175 Year Old Cabin That Was Restored And Now Looks Cozy And Beautiful

You will love a 175 Year Old Cabin That Was Restored And Now Looks Cozy And Beautiful. This beautiful log house is a 17 foot by 26-foot log house construction that sits on 8 acres of property that also includes a main house and a separate two-car garage. The log houses previous owner had purchased the log house construction in Indiana and relocated it to the property in the mid-1970s. All the bones of the log house were good, but it was dirty and in disrepair and needed a good roof. The previous owner never actually lived in the log house construction. Restoring the log house to the life, it might have had in the 1800s took approximately three months and was a true labor of love. Jan Paul, a registered architect, and distributor for Hearthstone, who is a log and timber homes supplier, together with Tammy pulled the ivy from the exterior of the log house construction, put on a new shake roof, then installed a new water line, an HVAC system, and a heat pump. Inside the log house construction, they cleaned the floors and ceiling both made of poplar and tore down the wallpaper. They also painted some walls in the tiny house construction to lighten up the dark spaces. Inside this rustic log house construction are a stone fireplace, large log beams, and an outdoor covered front porch. The front covered porch is the perfect spot to sit out and enjoy some fresh air and scenic views.

The piece of property that you are going to build your log house is one of the most exciting choices you will make. There is also a lot to think about when looking for potential pieces of land to build your small log cabins. You will want to use a professional Realtor so that any hidden problems can be figured out beforehand. You also want to know if you can build a log house on the land, and which permits are needed. You will want to know the difference between a property that is developed and a raw piece of property, and the pros and cons of each. Once you know that you can build your log house on a piece of property, you will then have to think about the view, the privacy, convenience and the location of your log home construction build. When it comes to buying your piece of property for your log house construction, it should represent approximately 15 to 20 percent of your total log house construction budget.

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