$97,000 Must See Floor Plans on this Great Log House

$97,000 Must See Floor Plans on this Great Log House

If you have ever considered living in a barn style house, you will want to take a look at this modern barn design. This barn style house has 2,376 square feet of living space in a 24 by 50 foot Ponderosa Country Barn home. This barn style home has 12 foot lean to's, with 1,800 square feet on the main floor with a 578 square foot loft. There is a 600 square foot covered porch, three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. This pre-designed barn home kit is priced at an affordable $97, 246 for the home of your dreams. When you purchase a barn kit, you will know what the final barn design will look like. A pre-designed kit will also save you time, as the kits are built indoors in a factory, climate controlled setting, so there are no weather delays to deal with. A barn kit is a great way to get the barn style house you've been thinking about in a fraction of the time it takes to build completely on site. It seems that barn style houses are more popular than ever, with designs that offer open spaces that people love, perfect for guests and entertaining.

There may barn kits to choose from. When you purchase a barn kit, you will receive full dimension post and beam frame kit, rough-sawn exterior board and batten siding. Each barn kit includes a construction guide booklet and consulting with detailed instructions. There is a foundation plan designed for a slab foundation, along with a roof insulation package with pine tongue and groove and interior ceiling. The barn kit has a vertically framed wall package and a perimeter down posts. The kit also includes wall sheathing and house wrap, along with powder coated plates, stair package, and railing. The kit does not include the interior finish, wall framing, drywall, and paint. So this leaves plenty of room to finish the interior to your specifications. The residential doors and windows are also not included in the barn kit; neither is the wall insulation, but the kit is ready for spray foam or batt insulation. The HVAC, plumbing and electrical are not included. The roofing materials shingles or metal are also not included. You will be responsible for the site preparation, foundation, utility hookups for the barn.

This is just one of the barn style homes you will find on the Sand Creek Post and Beam Company site. This company specializes in post and bean custom designed wood barn and barn home kits. The post and beam company are a family owned business that is located in Wayne, Nebraska. The main focus of their company is on post and beam builds, using both historic and traditional designs of barns. The Sand Creek Post and Beam Company have manufactured and built over 1,000 barn style homes and barns for a wide variety of uses. There are a wide variety of barn styles to choose from to include wood barns, event barns, barn style homes, pavilions, windmills, barn Kings, and barn accessories. You are sure to fall in love with all of the attention to detail some of these barn designs have, this is a company that is doing an excellent job at keeping the tradition of barn home and barns alive with their custom barn designs. You will find these stunning barn kits used as lake houses, cabins, full-time residences, loft apartments, secondary homes, and combination use barn and home. These barn home kits are both beautiful and rustic, with lots of barn styles you can choose from available in pre-manufactured builds, and shipped as a kit.**

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