9 Clever Ways For A Shady Backyard Oasis

9 Clever Ways For A Shady Backyard Oasis

When summertime comes along, we are always looking for ways to keep the house cool both indoors and out. These "9 Clever Ways For A Shady Backyard Oasis," are excellent tips for staying cool.

These 9 clever ways for a shady backyard oasis are a much needed tips in the warm summer months. To enjoy your backyard in the summer sun, you need some protection form the hot summer sun, so you can spend time outdoors without getting scorched. These tips will help turn your outdoor space into a wanted retreat. One project is a do it yourself drop cloth fabric shade cover made by "Anything Pretty," you can check out her tutorials, and apparently it only took a couple of hours to get it up, much better than an old pergola. You'll want to take a look at the site for all the great ideas.

This site created by Steve and Kathy, who are both fans of good design, beautiful gardens and lovely details. Together they run three websites, sharing all sorts of do it yourself projects, and decorating tips, along with trying to keep up with some projects of their own. Kathy started her first decorating newsletter in 1997, and from there she has gone onto do three website. She is a freelance writer for some big magazines, has published a decorating book. All that left her a bit tired, until Steve came along and the engaged couple decided to work together, Steve has a great eye for detail, a great work ethic and the three sites were brought up to date by creating a better platform for people to find and learn new decorating tips and ideas that they had to offer.

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