8 Insane Rock Climbing Spots in Australia

8 Insane Rock Climbing Spots in Australia

Rock climbing is one of the exciting things to do when you are in Australia. Well, there is no question about it. There are towering cliffs and majestic mountains that are filled with a number of small and gigantic rock formations. As a matter of fact, more and more local and international tourists are coming in Australia just to do rock climbing. If you are also planning to do rock climbing in Australia, here are the top 8 best rock climbing spots you'll find.

1. Wilpena Pound

Wilpena Pound is perfectly located in South Australia. It is a place of towering mountains visited by many rock climbers. There is one popular cliff here perfect for climbing, and this is the St. Mary's Peak and Moonarie.

2. Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is another place to visit for rock climbing. This particular island is surrounded by beautiful and high rock formations that you can climb. What's really exciting is you can feel the ocean breeze while you are climbing. This is perfect for you if you are also an ocean lover.

3. Umbrawarra

Umbrawarra is perfect for intermediate climbing difficulty. This is not as high as other rock climbing spots, but one thing is for sure, you can have a great rock climbing activity here. Its red sandstone faces will surely mesmerize you.

4. Booroomba

Booroomba is composed of gigantic granite rocks, making it a perfect place for rock climbing enthusiasts. It offers an array of climbing routes. Hence, it is no longer surprising that newbie and professional rock climbers are coming here.

5. Glass House Mountains

What makes it perfect for rock climbing is its groups of hills that seem to be calling all rock climbers to come. Mount Tibrogargan is one that you can climb anytime you want to. You will have spectacular views from this area.

6. Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are compositions of huge sandstone plateau. They are only 60 miles away from the Western part of Sydney. Rock climbing activities with different levels of difficulty can be done here.

7. The Grampians

Aside from a great climbing activity that you can experience here, you can also have the chance to enjoy its breathtaking flora and fauna, waterfalls, and the panoramic views of nature. Whether you are a beginner or a pro rock climber, it is assured that you can have a memorable rock climbing experience here.

8. Mount Arapiles

This is known as a very popular rock climbing destination all over the world. In fact, a lot of professional rock climbers are coming here in order to experience its greatness.

These are the most popular destinations for rock climbing in Australia that every rock climbing enthusiast must consider visiting.

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