$76,450 Woodsman Log House Features an Open Concept Design

$76,450 Woodsman Log House Features an Open Concept Design

If you like Rancher floor plans, you will love the Woodsman log home kit with its large ranch style log home that features an open concept design and a covered wrap porch that encompasses the three front-facing sides. This 1,986 square foot log home kit for sale is priced starting at $117,800 for the six by eight complete log home package. With three bedrooms and two baths, it's a good size for a small family or couple with room to spare. Inside this rancher log home kit, there are two bedrooms and a master bedroom, and an open dining room/kitchen and family room, great for entertaining and having guests over. A prefab home kit is a great way to save on time and know beforehand what your log home build will look like. A prefab log home kit will get you into your log home that much faster, where you can then spend quality time with family and friends.

The Woodsman is just one of the log home kits you might consider. This log home kit is built out of quality pine, but you will find a variety of other logs used to build log homes. Some of these include Western red cedar, fir, spruce, larch or any wood that is a straight log. Some varieties of wood will cost more than others. With Western red cedar being one of the most expensive woods you will find because of supply and demand. This also has to do with the bug resistance of Western red cedar making it smart choice for the use of cedar products like hydro poles, outdoor patio, and decks, and other wood products. While Western red cedar is the most expensive of log home builds, pine is the cheapest. Pine is an excellent option for log home kits as it is a durable wood that is great for building because pine doesn't crack or twist as easily as some varieties such as spruce does. Pine is also an aesthetically pleasing wood that has lots of character, which makes it great for the popular rustic look of log home kits. Pine is a log choice that will also cost you less to ship, as pine is lighter than fir or cedar. So when it comes time to shipping a load of logs to your log home building location, you will get more logs on the load because the weight of the load is lighter.

The Woodsman log home kit is just one of the prefab log home kits for sale you will find from Coventry Log Homes. Coventry Log Homes has a solid reputation of building quality log home kits. The company has more than twenty years of experience selling and building log homes. Coventry has five series of log home kits for sale to choose from, with over 60 models of log home kits. The five series of log home kits to choose from include the Craftsman Series of log cabin kits for sale, which is the top series of log homes from the company distinguished by the exposed post and beam style of loft systems and roofs. The Tradesman Series of log home kits for sale are the traditional style of log home designs that everyone dreams about at affordable prices. The Cabin Series of log home kits on the site have a simple charm through the use of knotty pine grade logs in this rustic log home series. Lastly, the Recreational Series of log homes uses convenient four by 8 logs. The Timber Frame Series of log home kits uses the post and beam style of building combined with high R-value pre-cut SIP panels. **

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