7 Tiny Cabins We Can Almost See Ourselves Living In

7 Tiny Cabins We Can Almost See Ourselves Living In

Thinking of building your own mini log cabin and need some inspiration? Then you should check out these 7 Tiny Cabins we can almost see ourselves living in!

If youre anything like us, youre constantly daydreaming about that quintessential cabin oasis in the woods! If youre willing to go tiny, that dream could be much closer than you think. These 7 tiny cabins are simple and easy to build so easy, in fact, that one or two of them were built with simple hand tools by a single man way out in the wilderness.

The log cabin has to be one of the most romantic symbols for living close to nature. Its our safe place, our happy place, our sacred place where we retreat to, if only in our minds, when were caught amongst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. If this werent true, then we wouldnt see all of these crazy log cabin lists (like this one!) on the web. All of these lists, like the Top 10 Tiny Cabins and so on, mean many others are dreaming of log cabin living too. The log cabin takes us back to the basics of life where we dont have all of the complexity, clutter, and distractions we see all around us today. Really, we just long for a simpler life, where we can step out our front door into a wide open wilderness, warm fragrant breezes, and the sound of rushing water in the distance. We dont even need to have much living space just a shelter to keep us warm at night, a comfy bed, and a clean kitchen to cook our food in. Oh, and of course, a little bathroom would be nice too.

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