$62,800 Glenwood Log Home is Cozy One Story Model with Its Bump-Out Design Has Two Bedrooms

$62,800 Glenwood Log Home is Cozy One Story Model with Its Bump-Out Design Has Two Bedrooms

The Glenwood home cabin kit is a cozy one story floorplan that has a bump-out design with two bedrooms and an open concept kitchen/dining/living area. The Glenwood home cabin kit comes from the Tradesman Series of log home buildings from Coventry Log Homes. This 970 square foot log home building is priced at $62,800 for the six by eight complete package for two bedrooms and one bathroom in an open concept floorplan. This simple log home building provides enough room for a small family or a couple with rooms for guests. A log home building is an ideal place to use for weekend getaways and vacations. Imagine having a place to go where you can relax and spend quality time with family and friends close to nature. A log home building is a good place to do just that, especially when located in a natural location where you can enjoy time hiking, fishing, and boating.

The Glenwood home cabin kit is built using Northeastern Pine. Coventry Log Homes use the best Northeaster White Pine logs that are kiln-dried as the main building material in their cabin kits for sale. The quality pine logs that the company uses in their log home building are located within an 80-mile radius of their manufacturing factory. By using quality logs and trees, in turn, means that the customer is getting a better product. Along using quality Pine logs, Coventry Log Homes makes sure the Pine logs are dry and stable. They are one of the very few log home building companies that certify the moisture of their loads. Dry logs mean less splitting and damage when building the log home cabin kits. Their home cabin kits are the third-party verified and designed to meet the criteria of Construction of Log Structures. Pine logs are a durable wood that is excellent for log home building because the pine does not crack or twist as easily as some of the varieties of spruce trees. Pine is also very aesthetically pleasing and has lots of character, which makes it great for the rustic look of wood cabins. Pine is a good log choice that will cost you less to ship, as it is lighter than using fir. So when the time comes to ship a load of logs to your wood cabin construction site, you will get more logs per truckload because the weight is lighter compared to other log varieties.

The Glenwood is just one of the cabin kits for sale on the Coventry Log Home site. Coventry Log Homes is an environmentally friendly log home building company that recycles all the leftover and excess wood that is left behind in their log home kits manufacturing. Coventry Log Homes use the leftover wood shavings to give to local farmers after making their log homes. Coventry Log Homes also use the log ends from their log home manufacturing process to heat all of their factory buildings. The company gives residents free wood to help heat their homes. Wood and log home buildings help to lessen the amount greenhouse gasses in the air while also helping to store carbons. A healthy living forest is a sustainable and readily available solution to climate change. On average, an acre of healthy growing trees can absorb almost three tons of carbon dioxide and releases approximately two tons of oxygen. Living in a log home building that is built from the natural building material of wood is also better for your health, as long as the wood is not treated with anything toxic. A log home kit is a good way to help the environment while living a more green lifestyle. **

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