$60,150 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Stonewall Log Home

$60,150 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Stonewall Log Home

You'll love the first floor living of this $114,700 ranch style home, along with the awesome attached garage. Although this log house may look smaller on the outside, there is plenty of room within. The floor plan includes 1,461 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as the added space of the attached enclosed garage. Not many of the log house designs from Coventry Log Homes include a garage, so this is a good plan for anyone who needs a garage for storage and to park their vehicle. Of course, there is the option to add on a garage to any of the plans from their collection, but it will cost more and in the Stonewall plan, the garage is included in the complete package price. The layout in this home is great because it's all on one level, making it perfect for those who aren't able to do stairs. It could be great for a young family with kids as well and could be built onto a basement foundation for extra space. The three bedrooms are all tucked away at one side of the house, and the living area is off on the other side of the house.

The log house designs from Coventry Log Homes will usually feature a cathedral ceiling whenever they get the chance, and this plan is no different. There isn't much of a deck on the house, but there is a nice front porch, and a deck could be implemented into the plans and added onto the back of the house if need be. Otherwise, the door opens right out to the ground level so it's always nice to just sit on the grass or add some patio stones and some furniture outside. Everything is included in the complete log home building package from Coventry Log Homes. All of the prefabricated materials and the windows and doors, as well as the materials to build the garage are all included in the price of $114,700 US. That's a pretty good price when all things are considered. The parts of the house that are not included are the countertops and cabinets, the sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. Of course all furniture and appliances must be purchased extra and all of the electrical and plumbing is done by another professional. When building from log home kits, it's important to know what is and is not included in the price, so don't hesitate to ask any questions.

There are so many ways that living in a log home is beneficial, which is why so many people choose them over other methods of building. Logs are one of the most sustainable materials to build a home out of since trees are a renewable resource. Also, people have been being using logs for centuries to build houses, so we know we can rely on their strength and durability time and time again. The sustainable practices used to grow and harvest the trees that are milled for their lumber is also a clean, and environmentally sustainable practice that allows continuous flow of materials without disturbing established forests and ecosystems. Another great feature of using logs as building materials is that they are equipped with a high thermal mass, which means that they keep in the radiant heat which is great for places with cold climates. Logs are also very healthy building materials since they are all natural and have healthy benefits like being able to filter the air in the home as well as being known to have a relaxing and comforting ambiance. Enjoy looking through all the beautiful log house designs from one of the leading companies in the log home building business.***

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