6 Reasons Why It's Better to Build a Small Log Home Instead of a Big One

6 Reasons Why It's Better to Build a Small Log Home Instead of a Big One

There are many reasons to go smaller when you are considering buying a home, and many people are considering a smaller home like this Cabin Title 62 when they are considering purchasing a cabin or a home. This article from the Build Log Homes, Log Home Builder's Association, tells us why more people are considering buying smaller homes over the larger ones that we have been seeing in the past century into this 21st century we are in right now. People are especially looking to purchase more sustainable, and efficient homes like smaller log cabins , like the one you see in the photo with this article. People are really choosing to go back to our roots as humans, and live a life that is more harmonious with integral morals and values, and one that is closer to nature as well.

The article explains the stress that people face when they purchase a home and go into a mortgage that is far beyond their current means, meaning that they have to work so hard just to maintain a comfortable standard of living, just so they can live in this house they have chosen. People in general, are finding that this way of living is not enjoyable, and that they end up not having enough time to even spend relaxing and enjoying their home that they wanted so badly in the first place. So, the values of people are also changing and we are seeing that living more like our grandparents lived might prove to be a more sustainable and enjoyable experience.

There are so many ways that living in a log home is beneficial in the first place. Logs are one of the most sustainable materials to build a home out of, and they have been being used for centuries to build houses, so we know we can rely on their strength and durability time and time again. The sustainable practices used to grow and harvest the trees that are milled for their lumber is also a clean, and environmentally sustainable practice that never uses old growth or ancient forests ever. Not only are logs already equipped with a built in insulation, with a high thermal mass, the smaller your log home is, the easier it will be to heat and keep warm, which helps to save money on heat.

Log cabins can, however, be fairly pricey, but this is because of the high quality they possess. But naturally, as the article mentions, the smaller your log cabin is, the less it will cost to build, of course, and there are some really great prefabricated, modular home kits available to build log homes and cabins in a variety of styles and sizes that vary in price to build. The smaller the log cabin is, the easier it would be to build on your own with some help as well, so you would also save on construction costs and labour, if you were to do some of your own work. The other thing is, that obviously, your taxes will be lower on a smaller home, because the foot print of your home is measured and your taxes are decided upon that. So, as you can see, we are moving past the need to own a large house simply for appearances sake. Some good advice from Skip Ellsworth is to "Build the smallest log home that you can afford", which I think is pretty sound advice, don't you? It makes so much more sense to live a relaxing life with plenty of time for your interests and hobbies as well as time to relax and enjoy your home as well. Read the full article for more small log home building inspiration.

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