$5K Tiny House

$5K Tiny House

Do you happen to be in the market to buy a tiny house? Well, you might just be in luck! Here is a listing for a $5K Tiny House that is being put up for sale by the owner, Jackie, who has had it for a long time and has now moved into a more permanent home that is not on wheels, so she wants to pass it on to some one in need of a tiny house for a great price! You could have all the comforts of home and a trailer in one for only $5,000. I think that is a pretty good deal myself! They have posted many photos for you to see on the Tiny House Talk website so that you can see exactly what you would be getting.

It is used, so keep that in mind, it is not brand new. For the low price of buying it you could do some of your own renovations for an affordable cost and then it would also feel more like your own that way too. A little bit of paint and some love can spruce it up nicely. This sweet pad would be great for one person and doable for a couple too. You could travel around with your home always with you! It would be so much fun to live like this at least once in your life! Or you could just find a spot to park it and hang out in one spot. It comes with all the necessary hook ups for the appliances and she is even including the flat screen tv! This would also be a great starter home on a piece of land that you are building on, so that you could have a temporary house while you build, and it can always become a guest house after!

To check it out click the link in the description below to head over to the 'Tiny House Talk' website!

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